What Type of LED Driver or Power Supply Do I Need? Sep 08

There are several different kinds of external dimmable LED drivers, but they can be broken down into two main types in the market: constant current (CC) drivers and constant voltage (CV) drivers. SMARTS manufacture Selectable Multi-current LED drivers from 10w to 60w, current from 100ma to 2100ma costant current power supply, and 6w to 360w led drivers.

Depending on the application, LEDs can be connected in series and/or parallel configurations. Obviously, when LEDs are connected in series the forward voltage drop of each LED in the string are additive. For example, if you put 10 LEDs in series and each one has a voltage drop of 2.4 V (at its nominal current), you need to provide a voltage source of 24 Vto drive the required current. This is why “constant-current” drivers always include in their specs the output voltage range that it is capable of providing to overcome the LED voltage drops.

triac dimmable led driver

In order to limit the drive voltage to reasonable levels, multiple strings of series-connected LEDs can be placed in parallel and driven by multi-output constant-current drivers. Or if you put 12v 10 LEDs in parallel and each one has a current 1A, you need to provide a current source of 12V  to drive the required current.

In the end, SMARTS is specialize in all kinds of constant current or constant voltage led driver 12v 24v (mostly). And most of the led drivers got UL/cUL, ETL/cETL, FCC, SAA, CE, ROSH approval to meet most of the applications in North America, EU or AU market. We can satisfy homeowners who are seeking the best in lighting control of residential settings. Any more information about DALI dimmable led driver, 0-10v dimmable driver, or triac dimmable led driver. Pls don’t hesitate to contact with us at info@swinpower.com.


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