What role does led power supply bring to urban lighting? Oct 18

The development of many industries in life is inseparable from the led dimmable drive power supply. Sometimes some inconspicuous factors may cause a big gap.

With the acceleration of urbanization, most governments have increased the development of urban landscape lighting. Lighting projects and beautifying lights in tourist areas in major, medium and small cities in China are being carried out one after another.

5 in 1 dimmable driving power supply

Many communities and major construction projects of LED street lights are using 60W LED drive power to replace traditional, power-consuming neon lights. China's LED landscape lighting is ushering in a new peak of development. The successful use of LED outdoor lighting in Olympic venues and the economic scale brought by LED power indicates that the technology of LED outdoor lighting in landscape lighting has gradually matured.

As a new light source, the 5 in 1 dimmable driving power supply and driving circuit are different from the electronic ballasts of fluorescent lamps. The main function of the LED driving circuit is to convert AC voltage to DC voltage, and to complete the voltage and current of the LED at the same time. match.


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