What is the difference between led dimming power supply and ordinary power supply? Sep 13

LED dimming power supply is essentially different from ordinary LED power supply. If you analyze its principle from a professional point of view, then each type of dimming power supply is also different, such as triac dimming power supply and DALI dimming power supply. The big difference is simpler if we understand it from the overall and broad perspective.

100W LED dimming power supplies

  LED dimming power supply can be understood as a kind of equipment that can change the voltage and current output by the power supply after the external signal acts on the internal dimming module of the power supply, so as to realize the change of the brightness, color or color temperature of the LED light.

Different from ordinary LED power supply which only has two states of on and off, it can have many working states, such as 50% brightness state, 10% brightness state and so on. Of course, there are many control methods, such as the above mentioned SCR dimming power supply, DALI dimming power supply, and 0-10v/1-10v dimming power supply. The dimming effect is smoother and more efficient and environmentally friendly.

In fact,100W LED dimming power supplies have long been in our lives, but as low-key "backstage workers", they have not been known to people. Nowadays, various dimming power supplies are used for lighting control in many occasions. .


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