What is the cause of the LED waterproof power failure? Oct 27

Waterproof power supply is used in the case of dustproof and waterproof grade IP6, with multiple protections such as short-circuit, over-current, and overload.

Generally, the unstable output voltage of the power supply may be caused by the power supply itself, or it may be caused by the load of the power supply. The method with false load can be used to judge whether the Constant voltage led power supply is faulty.

12v waterproof power supply

The output voltage is low and there are abnormal noises, usually the power supply itself is faulty or the power load is faulty. A dummy load can be used to judge whether the power supply is normal. It is confirmed that the power supply output voltage is too low. In addition to the voltage stabilization control loop, the positive feedback loop and the load should also be checked Loop and switching transformers. If the power supply is normal with a dummy load, it is mostly a power load failure.

There is no output from the 12v waterproof power supply. If the fuse is blown and it turns black seriously, check whether there is a short-circuit fault. If there is no obvious short circuit, check whether the 300V DC is normal, if it is abnormal, repair the 300V rectifier filter circuit, and repair the switching power supply if it is normal.


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