What is power conversion effect? Feb 17

The basic function of the driver power supply is to convert the AC voltage input from the grid into a stable DC current or voltage required for LED load work.  In the process of conversion and transmission, any energy will inevitably generate various losses, so its output power is always less than input power.

waterproof Constant voltage non-dimmable LED driver

When the power supply is working, various components and lines have resistance, and they will heat up after power -on.  This part of the heat is energy loss, so its output power is always less than the input power.  In order to measure the degree of loss during energy conversion and transmission, we define the ratio of the output power of the drive power to the conversion efficiency of the power supply. High efficiency led power supply can save energy.  In addition, the high -efficiency power supply has a low heat and small temperature and small temperature, which can extend the service life.

HideaPowertech hot-selling product VWN series of waterproof Constant voltage non-dimmable LED driver has a PFC function built-in, Constant voltage 150W LED driver work efficiency can be as high as 89%. It has passed UL certification and is mainly sold to North America. It has 7 years warranty.


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