What is DMX512 LED driver? Oct 06

Dmx drivers led is a digital protocol that divides the optical level from 0 to 100% into 256 levels. The control system can achieve R,G,B,W 256 levels of gray, true full color. Its output signal transmission mode: RS485 differential signal transmission, effectively ensure the reliability of its signal. The ideal transmission distance can be up to 200m, but in practical applications, due to signal interference and attenuation, it is generally recommended to add a repeater to enhance the signal at about 40m. The following are the main application scenarios of led driver dmx.

led drive power supply

1. Shopping malls and exclusive stores: steady on, only need to change different brightness regularly.

2. Landmark buildings and amusement places: lighting changes orderly to improve building identification

3, performance, stage lighting: lighting continuous change, rich color change.

Compared with the traditional analog dimming system, DMX512 control protocol digital led drive power supply, with its powerful control function to the building lighting, lighting, as well as large and medium-sized film and television studios and variety stage lighting effect brought earth-shaking changes.

However, science and technology is a double-edged sword. In practical application, multiple controllers are interconnected to control complex lighting schemes, and the design of operating software will be more complex, and the construction in practical occasions is relatively tedious, and the later maintenance cost is large.


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