What is dimming drive? Sep 24

The dimming drive generally refers to the LED dimming driver. It can be understood that the dimming drive is just as the name implies: a driving power supply that can dimming LED lamps.

The object of dimming drive is LED lights. LED is the abbreviation of light-emitting diode, a semiconductor electronic element that can convert electrical energy into light energy.

The characteristics of LED make LED lights have many excellent characteristics such as: energy saving, environmental protection, long life, strong brightness, low power consumption, easy dimming and so on. The main function of the dimming drive is to dimming the LED.

150W dimming driver

If you want LED lamps to be dimmed, you only need to connect an external 12/24v dimming led driver. The dimming driver can be directly connected to 220v AC.

As people's needs continue to increase, LEDs need not only dimming, but also color changes and color temperature changes. So now there are some dimming drive products that can control the color of lamps and change the color temperature.

In short, the 150W dimming driver is an innovation, which simplifies the installation and can expand more functions. I believe that with the further innovation of technology, the dimming drive will have more applications and bring people a better visual enjoyment!


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