What is color temperature? Feb 24

Color temperature is a measure of how much color a light contains. The concept is based on the different colors of light produced by an absolutely black object when heated to different temperatures.

Lamps with a single color temperature cannot meet the needs of people's life and work at the same time, and people's demand for light temperature will vary according to different time periods. Constant voltage LED driver with adjustable color temperature will be more and more widely used in residential, hotel, office and other commercial lighting occasions to provide personalized lighting to meet the needs of different periods of time.

With the development of the intelligent lighting industry, the LED driver with adjustable color and moderate brightness, combined with digital lighting control, makes the color and moderate brightness Settings do not interfere with each other. It has gradually replaced the "constant voltage source + DC/DC dual output module" and become a new driving mode, committed to creating intelligent, comfortable and humanized lighting environment.

dali & push dimmable led driver hideapowertech new product dali & Push Dimmable LED Driver efficiency up to 89%, using dali2 dt8 adjustable color mild brightness intelligent power supply, in line with Dali dimming protocol IEC62386, suitable for intelligent lighting engineering installation


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