What effect does PWM dimming have on LED life? Jan 08

Pulse width modulation (PWM) is a control method that controls the on-off of the switching device of the inverter circuit, so that the output terminal can obtain a series of pulses of equal amplitude, and these pulses are used to replace the sine wave or the required waveform. By modulating the width of each pulse according to certain rules, the magnitude of the output voltage of the inverter circuit can be changed, and the output frequency can also be changed.

PWM dimming led drivers

The LEDs themselves have a long life and PWM dimming led drivers will not affect the life expectancy of the LEDs; even because PWM dimming helps reduce the heat generated by the LEDs, it actually helps extend the life expectancy of the LEDs. Of course, in the system design, it is necessary to effectively detect and control the temperature of the LED to ensure the reliable operation of the LED, which reflects the advantages of long life and low maintenance cost.

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