What are the unique charms of DALI dimming? Sep 17

LED lamps are gradually replacing incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps. In the past, dimmers suitable for incandescent lamps are no longer suitable for emerging LED lamps. Therefore, they are used to build a bridge between traditional dimmers and LED lamps.

Different types of LED dimming power supplies of "Beam" came into being.

DALI dimmable power supplies

   60W DALI dimming products are developed and designed based on the DALI protocol. DALI: International Standard for Digital Lighting Control, the full name is: Digital Addressable Interface Standard. DALI protocol is an open asynchronous serial digital communication protocol. DALI protocol is dedicated to lighting control protocol, only used for lighting system, it is easy to connect with building automation system BAS, it is a supplement to BAS system.

The open standard of the DALI protocol makes DALI dimmable power supplies very compatible. As long as companies that produce LED dimmable power supplies join the DALI Association and have all DALI protocols, they can develop and produce power products that meet all DALI standards. Therefore, the product can be matched with the DALI control system of other manufacturers, and the compatibility problem no longer exists.


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