What are the rules of dali? May 26

DALI is the acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface", which is an internationally published lighting control communication protocol, which specifies the digital communication control method between electronic ballasts, control units and various sensors.

DALI is a protocol dedicated to lighting control, the currently established DALI Association, covering nearly 120 companies in the lighting industry, DALI has become an ever-increasing demand for awareness of energy saving, emerging LED solutions and lighting control systems. More important than before, DALI dimming system and DALI dimming power supply will become the trend of dimming.

dali dimming led driver

In practical applications, a typical DALI controller controls up to 40 to 50 lamps, which can be divided into 16 groups, and can process some actions in parallel. In a DALI network, 30 to 40 control instructions can be processed per second. DALI is oriented to traditional lighting control, focusing on the static control and reliability, stability and compatibility of the system.

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