What are the requirements for led power supply design? Nov 08

1 Good output constant current

Due to the unique electrical characteristics of the LED, its driving power supply must ensure that the current through the LED remains consistent under any circumstances. To control the LED ripple current to maintain an acceptable premise under any conditions, the LED current ripple is best kept within 20% of the average current.

2 Long service life

Improper design of the led drive power supply can easily cause its own damage, leading to the failure of the entire LED lamp. The driving circuit is the main component that determines the life of the LED lamp.

led drive power supply

3 High conversion efficiency

Improve the conversion efficiency of the LED driving power supply. On the one hand, it can improve the overall light efficiency of the lamp to achieve the purpose of energy saving. On the other hand, it can reduce the heat generation of the remaining power dissipated into heat, reduce the temperature of the power supply, and effectively improve the drive. Life.

4 Dimming and control

LED is more suitable for dimming to achieve energy saving due to its fast response speed and other characteristics. Therefore, the constant voltage LED driver power supply must be able to support dimming led driver. The current trend is to integrate intelligent dimming and control strategies into the entire LED driver to achieve integration


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