What are the requirements for lamps and lanterns when using DALI? Oct 25

We say that the DALI system gives new connotations to the lamps. Each lamp can have an independent address. Therefore, the lamps are upgraded from ordinary lamps to "smart lamps". The DALI ballasts and electronic transformers must be products that meet the DALI standard. DALI ballasts and transformers are digital and independent, and the address of the lamp is reflected by them.

Dali dimming led driver

   In addition to ballasts and transformers, other components (such as sensors) in the DALI system must also comply with the DALI standard, thus forming a complete DALI lighting control system.

SMARTS 120W waterproof dali dimming led power supply has ETL CE certification, input voltage 100-265vAC, aluminum housing size is 230*68*45mm. It can effectively protect the life of the power supply from water and dust. This Dali dimming led driver has good compatibility and can be well matched with the Dali controllers on the market. The design of the waterproof ip67 led power supply allows it to be installed indoors and outdoors.


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