What are the principles of triac dimmable? Nov 25

100W Triac Dimmable is a active switch component. It is usually kept in a non -guided state until a less control signal G triggers or "ignition" it. To keep the in -mind state, it is necessary to add a reverse voltage between its anode and cathode or reduce the current flowing through the TRIAC diode to below a certain value.

Triac Dimming can realize the non -contact control of AC power in the circuit, control a large current with a small current, and it is not produced by sparks when controlling the relay, and the movement is fast, long life, and good reliability. It has its figure in the speed regulation, lighting, pressure regulation, temperature adjustment, and other control circuits.

waterproof Triac Dimming Led Power Supply

The constant voltage triac dimming led driver technology is relatively simple to match the installation and use it. Just replace the LED lamps. The use of triac optic device is widely used in the traditional lighting market, which is in line with people's use habits. The cost of lighting is low, compatible with existing lines, no need to re -wiring

Hideapowertech hot-selling waterproof Triac Dimming Led Power Supply passed UL certification, input voltage 100-277Vac, which is in line with global security lighting laws, safe and reliable, and safe and reliable.


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