What are the highlights of the powerful DALI power supply? Nov 26

  1, DALI standard protocol power supply

   The newly released DALI power supply is a multi-current dial code, respectively 10W 20W 40W 60W. As a member of the DALI organization, the products follow the DALI protocol standard IEC623286, which can be perfectly compatible with other brands of DALI standard masters.

Hideapower dimming power supply

  2, software + hardware protection

The multi-current dial code DALI power supply adopts software + hardware dual protection to be safer. The power supply supports overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and overload protection. When encountering overvoltage, short circuit, and overload, it will automatically take measures to protect the power supply and lamps from damage, which is greatly extended The service life of products and lamps.

  3, high compatibility, no flicker

   High compatibility, no flicker is the unique quality of Hideapower dimming power supply, and DALI dimming power supply is no exception. Dali multi-current DIP series power supplies have built-in advanced chips, and the dimming curve is smooth and can be customized.


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