What are the conveniences of the TRIAC dimming led power supply? Feb 10

triac dimming is one of the most widely used dimming methods in LED dimming. triac dimming is a physical type of dimming in which the input voltage choppers from AC phase 0 until the triac is switched on. Its working principle is to generate a tangential output voltage waveform after the input voltage waveform passes through the on-angle tangent wave. The tangential principle can be used to reduce the effective value of the output voltage, thus reducing the power of the ordinary load.

triac dimming led power supply

triac dimming led power supply has the advantages of high adjustment precision, high efficiency, small size, light weight etc., which is dominant in the market. triac dimming has the advantages of high efficiency, stable performance and low dimming cost.

The stability of LED dimming power supply is also very good, we often find that some lights will flicker, in fact, the main reason is caused by the instability of the dimming power supply, but the use of this LED dimming power supply, you can ensure that the input and output voltage reached a stable degree, to avoid the flicker light phenomenon, to solve the user's problem.


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