What are the characteristics of dimming power supplies? Dec 20

LED dimming power supply performance 1: constant power

Most of the triac LED dimming power supplies on the market now have the performance advantage of constant power. The function of constant power is to ensure a constant state of equipment and power supply, which makes the performance and operation more reliable.

triac LED dimming power supplies

LED dimming power supply performance 2: withstand voltage protection

Only the equipment launched from professional and regular manufacturers can have reliable pressure protection performance, and then help everyone to effectively resist the high voltage impact of the equipment due to the external environment during operation.

LED dimming power supply performance 3: high temperature protection

Constant voltage dimming power supply will have high temperature after long-term operation. If the heat dissipation condition is not good, it may cause the system to overheat. If it has a good high temperature and overheat protection performance, then it can better make the equipment have a stable Run and efficient operation.


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