What are the advantages of dimming compared to ordinary LED power supply? Aug 25

1. When dimming power switch, it is the gradual process of light

In areas equipped with a dimming system, when the light is turned on, the light will gradually change from dark to bright; when the light is turned off, the light will gradually change from bright to dark to avoid sudden changes in the brightness of the light from irritating the eyes, which not only protects the eyes, but also brings us comfort The visual experience.

100w dimming driver

2. Realize energy-saving dimming power supply

The light consumes electricity, when it is not needed, turning off the light can save energy. And in some periods of time to supplement the lack of natural light, adjust the light to a certain brightness, for example, adjust the light brightness to 20%~50%, which can also greatly reduce the power consumption by 50%~75%. It is not advisable to turn off all the lights outdoors at night, but proper lighting can be maintained, which not only facilitates the convenience and safety of night work or travellers, but also maximizes energy saving

3. Good light environment

Take hotel lighting as an example, not only to reflect the high-end taste of the hotel, but also to strengthen its own image. The 100w dimming driver is used to control the formation of different lighting scenes, construct different atmospheres, meet the various needs of customers, and bring guests a comfortable visual experience and a satisfactory check-in experience.


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