The application and function of led power supply? Aug 27

With the rapid development of LED power supply, LED drive power supply and LED dimming power supply products have also been popularized and applied accordingly.


   Generally speaking, 100W LED dimming driver are mainly used in LED lights. The power of the 0-10v LED dimming power supply can be adjusted to as low as one percent to achieve the minimum power to perform work. Generally, the light is emitted by the way of transistor connection.

12v LED dimming power supply

When the voltage changes, the power supply changes accordingly, and the output current will also change accordingly. When the current reaches zero, the power supply is in a cut-off state, and the light-emitting device is not lit. This kind of device can well protect the circuit and prevent the voltage from being too high, which is very necessary.


   The role played by the 12v LED dimming power supply is huge. Because many household appliances in life now have very high voltages, they can protect the bulbs and circuits. The household appliances will not be burnt out due to the unstable voltage, and it can also save energy and reduce emissions. With this device, the energy-saving effect is obvious.


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