Is the flashing of the light related to the LED driver? Aug 23
LED lights are widely used. Many times I encounter the phenomenon of LED lights flickering. Does this phenomenon have anything to do with controlling the driving power of the LED lights?

1.Confirm whether the driving voltage and current required for the series and parallel number of the lamp LED are within the nominal range of the output parameters of the LED driving power supply. If it exceeds the nominal range, it may cause the lamp to flicker.

triac LED drive power

2. Confirm the wiring voltage drop range in the entire lighting circuit, that is to say, measure the actual voltage of the lamp bead string furthest from the LED drive power supply, plus the wiring voltage drop should be within the highest output voltage range of the LED drive power supply. If the maximum output voltage of the 12v LED driving power supply is exceeded, it will cause the light to flicker.

3. Confirm whether the control system or dimming system matches with the triac LED drive power. Different control systems or dimming systems have different requirements for the LED drive power.

In summary, the phenomenon of LED light flashing may be related to the LED drive power supply. The key is to analyze the specific conditions and use the LED drive power supply in conjunction with the LED light.

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