How to choose a good power supply? Sep 15

1) The dimming curve of the 60W dimming power supply means that when you adjust the dimming controller, the most common one is the dimming knob, and the light changes with the brightness of the knob. For commercial or civil applications without special requirements, the dimming curve should be linear.

2) There should be no sound during the dimming process, change the adjustment speed, and adjust the speed repeatedly from 0 to the maximum brightness several times. During this process, listen to whether there is a power whistle. A good power supply should

There is no power whistling sound.

60W dimming power supply

3) The performance of the power supply when it is adjusted to the lowest brightness or close to the lowest brightness. When the brightness is set to the lowest, it will not emit light by default. However, some power supplies that are not so well done still have power output that can make the lights illuminate. And there are many cases where the light flickers when the brightness is very low. A well-done 12V dimmable power supply should not have these problems.

4) The temperature rise of the power supply at low brightness. Turn down the brightness as much as possible, keep it on for an hour or two, and touch the casing of the power supply with your hands. It should not be hot. Then turn the knob to the middle position and repeat this process to see if your hands are hot. A power supply without obvious heat is a good LED power supply


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