How to apply DALI dimming power supply to realize urban farm? Apr 21

According to the dimmable characteristics of LED, use DALI dimming power supply to adjust the light intensity required by plants. The plants produced by underground farms have a relatively short growth cycle. With the normal operation of the system, the plants on the farm can be harvested in only 6 to 28 days, depending on the variety. And this means that a new round of planting begins before the harvested plants are sent to the market.

The dimming LED driver used in the field of plant cultivation mainly has the following advantages:

1. The wavelengths are rich in types, which are exactly in line with the spectral range of plant photosynthesis and photomorphogenesis;

100W DALI dimming power supply

2. Its long life and exceptional durability also reduce operating costs.

3. With very high PPF light efficiency, it can achieve good energy saving effect. If a dimming system is used, the application of 100W DALI dimming power supply will further achieve energy saving.

4. It is easy to connect with the control system to realize further intelligent control. In order to cooperate with photosynthesis, the spectrum of the plant lamp will be blue and red, and the DALI dimming power supply can be selected to cooperate with the main control, which is very convenient to operate.


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