How to adjust the appropriate color temperature? Nov 24

1. Appropriate illumination

Illumination refers to the luminous flux of visible light per unit area of the illuminated surface. In the case of the same area, the higher the luminous flux of the light source, that is, the higher the lumen value, the higher the illuminance.

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2. Color temperature

Color temperature is a physical quantity used to define the color of a light source in illumination optics. That is, when a black body is heated to a temperature and the color of its emitted light is the same as that of a light source, the heating temperature of this black body is called the color temperature of the light source, referred to as color temperature, and the unit is expressed by K .

It is easier for people to concentrate under high color temperature lighting, and it is easier to complete work efficiently. Under low color temperature lighting, the subconscious mind is more likely to feel relaxed. So you need a good dimming led power supply

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