How is the dmx512 led driver wired? Jun 18

To use the dmx512 dimming led driver to realize the dimming function of the light strip, the following materials need to be prepared: 12V 60W DMX512 dimmable LED drivers: 2pcs

2 prong plug Power cords: 3pcs

Wire cords: 9pcs

12V 12W power supply: 1pcs

12V CCT LED strip: 2pcs

DMX dimming control panel: 1pcs

First connect the 12V 12W power supply output wire cords to the DMX controlling panel Input + - port. Red wire connect to +, Black wire connect to -.Connect the 12V 12W power supply input wire cords to the 2 prong plug power cable to power on the DMX controlling panel.

Then Connect the 2prong plug power cord to the DMX512 dimmable led driver input port, and fasten the screws. Connect the signal wires to the DMX controlling panel output port:+ - GND, then fasten the screws.

Click to view DMX512 Dimming led driver wiring operation

Then Connect the DMX signal wires to the DMX512 dimmable led driver signal port: D+ ,D- ,GND and fasten the screws.

Finally Connect the CCT led strips to the DMX512 LED driver output port: DV+ , CW-, WW- , and fasten the screws. It can be installed successfully

After the installation is complete, you can download the NFC APP through the QR code in the video and set the address of the NFC decoder according to the video operation

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