How does the power supply work? Aug 18

Most LEDs are low-voltage, so they need a driver to convert AC to DC and keep the voltage flowing throughout the lighting process. In addition to this key feature, the power supply ultimately determines how you control the LED.

Constant voltage LED driver

The constant voltage power supply provides a fixed output voltage  and maximum output current to achieve the best operation of the LED system.

0-10V power supply

They are more flexible than constant current because more LEDs can be added to the system until the maximum current capability is reached, and any additional LEDs will only reduce brightness.

Constant voltage drivers are most commonly used for the number of LED loads that will vary, or when bright or contrasting colors are required.


0-10V dimming, cutting-edge dimming technology, suitable for all 0-10V power supply, smooth dimming without any technical restrictions . According to your unique needs, there are a variety of power supplies available for your system.

smarts 0-10V dimming driver has better performance in terms of static colors. Power integration is easier in a system, while also providing smooth dimming to 1% without any flicker.


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