Hidea power waterproof power supply high level high energy Feb 26

About 80% of the failures of today's LED lighting products come from the power supply, and the quality of the power supply greatly affects the actual service life of the LED lighting. From the continuous improvement of LED light source product packaging technology and the continuous development of heat dissipation technology in recent years, the stability of the light source has reached a relatively good level.

waterproof LED power supply

At present, Constant voltage LED power supply lacks a mandatory unified standard. The power supplies on the market are independent of each other, with single-channel, multi-channel, and different sizes, which leads to many problems and often makes the maintenance of waterproof LED power supply difficult.

Hidea power The 300W high-power power supply of this IP67 power supply series can well solve some high-power demand scenarios, save the number of power supplies, and reduce maintenance costs. With IP67 waterproof function, the aluminum casing can effectively waterproof and dustproof, protect the life of the power supply, and is suitable for outdoor humid projects.


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