Hidea power LED driver introduction Nov 12

The light-emitting principle of LED is that there is a light-emitting layer at the PN junction. When a current flows in, the electrons and holes in the place combine to release energy, and the energy is emitted in the form of photons.

LED has a similar exponential volt-ampere characteristic curve. After the LED is turned on, small fluctuations in the forward voltage will cause large fluctuations in the forward current. In addition, the environmental temperature, LED aging and other factors will also affect the electrical performance of the LED. When the current is out of control for a long time, the reliability and life of the LED will be greatly reduced, and will eventually fail.

hidea electronics led driver

In order to ensure the stable light output of the LED, the hidea electronics led driver needs to be driven by a constant current led driver to control the stable output current.

The LED power supply of hidea power is safe and reliable, and can provide stable current for the lamps. There are various dimming drivers with a power of 30-300w. There is always one suitable for you. For more details about hidea power LED drivers, Pls don't hesitate to contact with us at sales1@hideapower.com.


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