• Q1: Please also include the male coaxial connector like in the picture, and also make sure the plug is 3 prong north American. (120VW)
  • A: Yes, it include the DC male connector like in the picture and it's the US standard 3 prong plug in the AC.
  • Q2: is there a Tc point on the driver? And do you have a lifetime derating curve for case temperature? At 60 Watt load we are seeing a case temperature of 60°C.
  • A: The TC point is right above on the led transformer when you test it. So far, we didn't show it on the lables. If it is necessary for you, we will show TC point on the next orders, okEnclosed please find the picture of  derating curve for your reference.
  • Q3: For the 60 Watt driver what is the recommended load range? Can we go all the way to 60W? And low end?
  • A:

    Our 60w triac dimmable led driver is no min load limitation type, so the load range could be 1w to 60w.

    In order to extend their life to be 5 years warranty, we do suggest that the ideal load range of the led driver would be 80% led light.

  • Q4: Do these(vt) buzz working with forward edge dimming?
  • A:

    Actually, we sugguest that our customers usel with forward edge triac dimmer for our 100-130vac VT series. And they work well with  forward edge triac dimmer.

    Most importantly, there is almost  no any buzz during they work with forward edge triac dimmer.

  • Q5: What is UL annual fees?
  • A:

    UL annual fees will be charged by UL for once time each year. Its funtion is maintaining cost for the online UL file.

    Actually, it's necessary for you to pay UL multiple listee cost and UL annual fees to UL if you would like to do UL multiple listing. And all the cost would be charged by UL directly.

  • Q6: I will be knocking out 1/2" (12mm) hole in the back on each side toward the front of the box, I will be mounting this flush on a wall. Is there enough room for a 12mm hole?
  • A: Actually, there are three  holes for connecting on each side of  the 200w led driver.  It's available when you dig out it.
    And the diameter of the hole is 22mm.  Also, from the pictures you can see, the led driver can be mounting on the wall directly.
  • Q7: I have a few questions, i tested the magnitude magnetic driver and it runs the LEDs to hot. Does the one you offer run the LEDs like a switching power source and is dimable with a triac dimmer?
  • A: Yes, all our led drivers run the leds like switching power source and this led driver you've mentioned is triac dimmable type, it should be dimmable with a triac dimmer.
  • Q8: Is this a magnetic iron core driver or electronic driver?
  • A: The working mode of our dimmable led driver is electronic driver, which is different from the brands "Magnetitude" in North American market.
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