Factors affecting the life performance of LED power supply Sep 01
led light power supply is widely used in: street lamps, LED indoor lights, LED ceiling lights, buildings, roads and Bridges, square building facilities, lawn lights, curtain wall lights, display boards, dynamic billboards.

The performance that affects the life of an led strip power supply includes environmental characteristics, component and power requirements, including the following aspects:

led light power supply

1, the impact of practical application environment: high humidity environment, high temperature environment, dusty environment, strong magnetic environment, vibration environment
2, lighting temperature environment influence: lighting internal temperature less than 65 degrees, lighting shell less than 75 degrees, power supply temperature less than 60 degrees
3. Influence of power supply grid: the voltage input of unstable power grid will impact the components of LED power supply, thus affecting the service life of LED driver.
4, insulation and installation of the impact: the correct installation of the product and good insulation will enhance the application of LED power supply.
5. The normal working life of best led power supply depends on the life of the electrolytic capacitor used by the power supply, and the life of the electrolytic capacitor depends on the life and working temperature of the capacitor itself
6. Influence of switching times. Reduce frequent on and off

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