Do you wanna PWM dimming or VR dimming? Feb 15

Some engineers are quite doubt what is the dimming way do they need? PWM dimming or VR dimming? To solve this, Smats has been released one series of the led driver triac dimming and 0-10v dimming led driver integration with PWM dimming and VR dimming.

5 in 1 dimming led driver

For this new version triac+0-10v dimmable 5 in 1 dimming led driver, they are 100-277vac7 years warranty. It is easy for you to switch the mode what you need for your lighting project.

Also, there are some unique Designing Points

1Voltage Reduce Output

Dimming range: 100%-0.01% Ultra Deep Amplitude

The output voltage peak is in the affordable value of the

LED during driver on/off and dimming, no harm to the LED for long-term using, and slow down the speed of lumen depreciation.

Works with single channel CCT warm-dim LED strip/tape (2 wires).

2Compatible PWM & Voltage Reduce output

synchronously dimming the LEDs with different starting


compatible with DC-DC design LED fixture, such as MR16, PAR, wall washer, linear lighting, LED strip/tape

In a word, it is our new type led driver for both PWM dimming and VR dimming function UL led driver, if you need more information, feel free to contact us for specification sheet.


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