DMX512 dimmable mode resolution Dec 10

DMX512 protocol was first developed by USITT as a standard digital interface from the console to control the dimmer.

DMX512 surpasses analog systems, but cannot completely replace them. The simplicity, reliability, and flexibility of the DMX512 waterproof led driver make it a protocol of choice when money permits.

In practical applications, DMX512 dimming control mode, is generally the power supply and controller design together.

DMX512 constant voltage dimmable led driver

DMX512 controller controls 8 ~ 24 lines and directly drives the RBG line of LED lamps. However, in the building lighting project, due to the weak DC line, a controller is required to be installed at about 12 meters, and the control bus is in parallel mode. Therefore, there are many lines of the controller, and many occasions even cannot be constructed.

The receiver of the DMX512 needs to be addressed so that it can explicitly receive dimming instructions, which is also very inconvenient in practical applications. Multiple controllers interconnect to control complex lighting schemes, and the operating software design can be complex.

hideapowertech DMX512 constant voltage dimmable led driver is UL certified, with input voltage of 100-277vac, complying with global safety lighting Code, with 30-300 wattages to choose from


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