Can DALI-2 DT8 two-tone optical Power Supply achieve tunable white function? Dec 16

Regarding the DALI-2 DT8 dual-color dimmable power supply, if you have the Turnale White function, first of all, the DALI-2 power supply of this DT8 is developed according to the requirements of the DALI 209 protocol. (Control the lighting separately and control the color adjustment alone).

However, in order to achieve this function, in addition to DALI209 protocol for DALI-2 DT8 power supply, the client is also required to use the DALI controller (DALI master) to support the function of color temperature.

Only when the two work together, can an address code be realized to separately control dimming and color modulation. The address code of DT8 power supply can be identified from the DALI main control. At this time, the operation interface of the main control switches to the interface of color modulation temperature, through which the operation can be adjusted.

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