Why use PWM output constant voltage power supply? Dec 16, 2022

At present, more and more strip lamps and advertising light boxes need dimming function to further save energy. There are two dimming methods commonly used, one is constant current dimming, the other is PWM dimmable.

PWM mode: Fast switching of the output voltage and current between 0 and rated, which means the LED operates both off and at rated current. The PWM duty cycle determines the brightness of the LED. As shown below, the LED is set to about 25% brightness. 25% of the time the current is in normal working condition, 75% of the time the current output is off.

Most LED light characteristics vary with operating current, so for applications that are sensitive to color temperature, engineers may have to choose PWM mode.

However, the current mainstream constant voltage power supply on the market can only provide a minimum of 10% dimming, which is actually not enough to meet the dimming application requirements of most lamp strips. hideapowertech constant voltage led power supply with a minimum dimming of 0.1% can meet most design objectives.

hideapowertech's best-selling product 0-10v dimmable led driver is PWM output mode. The integrated design of power supply and junction box makes the installation very convenient and fast.

It has passed UL certification and the input voltage is 100-277vac, which is suitable for indoor and outdoor residential commercial super lighting projects. Mainly sold in North America

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