Why should LED be driven with constant current? Oct 29, 2021

First, the output current of the constant current driver is constant, and the output voltage changes with the VF value of the LED, which is very consistent with the characteristics of the LED, so that the brightness of the light can be kept constant, and the LED is affected by the current change. The life span of the LED; in addition, the luminous efficiency and stability of the LED can be improved, and the light attenuation of the LED can be reduced.

 LED constant current power supply

Second, by using a constant current source to drive, there is no need to connect a current-limiting resistor to the output circuit, and the current flowing in the LED is not affected by changes in external power supply voltage, changes in ambient temperature, and deviations in LED parameters, so that it can give full play to The various excellent characteristics of LEDs, in addition, if the constant current LED module is added or removed, the constant current source will automatically adjust the voltage within the voltage range designed by itself, without manual adjustment.

Third, if the LED constant current power supply is used to supply power to the LED lighting equipment, the current flowing in the LED will be automatically detected and controlled during the power supply operation, so there is no need to worry about excessive current flowing to the LED at the moment of power-on, or burning the power supply due to a short-circuit of the load.

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