Why PWM dimmable is recommended? Dec 10, 2022

PWM dimming is used in most designs because of a fundamental property of leds: the emission characteristics are shifted with the average drive current.

Most leds contain a region that emits photons of the blue spectrum, which provides a wide range of visible light through a phosphor surface. At low currents, phosphorescence dominates and the light tends to be yellow. When the current is high, the LED blue light dominates and the light appears blue, thus achieving a high CCT.

When more than one white LED is used, the difference in the CCT of adjacent leds will be obvious and undesirable. This extends to light applications where mixing multiple monochrome leds presents the same problem.

100W PWM dimming led driver

LED manufacturers specify a drive current so that only these specific drive currents can be used to produce light wavelengths or CCTS. Using 100W PWM dimming led driver ensures that the leds emit the colors the designer wants, but the intensity of the light is another matter. This fine control is particularly important in RGB applications to mix different colors of light to produce white light.

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