Why Electronics SMT-024-120VTHW dimming power supply is widely recognized by the users? Oct 06, 2021
SMT-024-120VTHW Smarts Electronic is a constant voltage 24V 120W dimming power supply for led lighting strip, seamlessly compatible with all triac cutting-edge dimmers and cutting-edge lighting control systems, the dimming effect is smooth, no flicker, no Stroboscopic is well recognized and supported by the majority of LED lighting manufacturers and domestic and foreign engineering companies.

This series of triac dimming led driver power supply transformer not only realize the control of light strips and light bars, but also control any lamps with 12V working voltage, such as modules, MR16, guardrail tubes and so on. It can be used flexibly and can be used as an ordinary power supply when it is not dimmed.

constant voltage 24V 120W dimming power supply

Because it is PWM output, no matter it is a lamp of any color, it is perfect to achieve dimming control! The most typical test method is to try a synchronized dimming effect with a RGB light strip, and you can get the answer.

Not to mention the attractive appearance of this triac dimming led driver! In fact, the most exciting thing is the matching degree of this series of triac dimming led driver, which is truly convincing! According to the statistics of Smarts, the matching degree of the front-end lighting control system of triac encountered by this series of dimming power supplies is 100%. Those who are familiar with triac dimming led driver know how difficult it is to achieve this. How much manpower and material resources have been invested; this amazing record is simply unbelievable, but it is indeed an indisputable fact. Therefore, it can be seen that this series of dimming power supplies are very suitable for dimming applications in large-scale lighting control systems.

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