What’s the difference between DT6 and DT8? Dec 31, 2021
At present, the dali dimmable lighting control system can be seamlessly connected with the standard bus of the intelligent building control system. The technology is mature and it is the lighting control technology widely used in the industry.

DT6 dali driver is a single-address single-channel output. It uses one address to adjust the light and dark color temperature. If it is color temperature, it needs to use two addresses. It supports DALI 102 and DALI 207 protocols.

Advantages: DT6 dual-color temperature lamps occupies two DALI addresses, and the operation and control are relatively simple. And there are more DALI controllers that support DT6 on the market.

dali driver

Disadvantages: Two addresses control one lamp, the number of lamps that can be controlled on the DALI bus is reduced by half, up to 32 lamps.

DT8 led driver dali single-address multi-path channel, use one address to realize adjustable temperature/color application, support DALI 102, DALI 209 protocol. However, DT8 is compatible with DT6 and can be hung on the same DALI bus at the same time.
Advantages: DT8 color temperature lamps, only need a DALI address to adjust the brightness and color temperature. Save addresses and wiring, thereby reducing cost and complexity.

Disadvantages: The control is complicated, and there are relatively few DALI controllers that support DT8 in the market.

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