What is the relationship between power factor and power? Sep 13, 2021

Power is divided into active power and reactive power, and power factor is the ratio of active power to total power. Active power is the electrical energy that is consumed after being transmitted from the transmission line, while reactive power is used to establish an alternating magnetic field during the energy conversion process, and is only exchanged back and forth between the electrical load and the power source. The reactive power reflects the internal and The situation of external round-trip energy exchange.

In order to avoid this kind of long-distance transmission of reactive power in dimmable led power supply, a power factor is defined and high-power users are required to use the amount of reactive power in electrical energy. Therefore, generally large-scale factories or transmission and substations have two meters: active Electricity meter, reactive power meter.

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If the reactive power in the power grid is insufficient, and the 100w led power driver does not have enough reactive power to establish and maintain a normal electromagnetic field, the terminal voltage will drop, and the equipment cannot be guaranteed to work under the rated technical parameters, thus affecting the normal operation of the electrical equipment run.

Since the terminal voltage drop in the power grid will cause both active power and reactive power to increase, the voltage on the load side will further drop, the output power of the load equipment will decrease, the work efficiency will drop, and it will not work in severe cases. The transmission of reactive power in the line is not always lossless. The transmission circuit is similar to a pure resistance circuit, and the heat loss of reactive power on the transmission circuit still exists.

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