What is the PFC of the LED -driven power supply? Nov 25, 2022

PFC (Power Factor Cor Arration) is the power factor correction, which is mainly to improve the effective power of the input terminal of the power supply to

Generally, the models that do not contain PFC lines. The power factors of their input terminals are only 0.4 ~ 0.6, while the active PFC line can reach more than 0.9. In the same dimming led power supply, under the condition of different wire voltage input, the measured power factor parameters are different. The power factor of the product is nominal under rated conditions.

5 in 1 Dimmable 120W LED driving power supply

HideaPowertech 5 in 1 Dimmable 120W LED driving power supply products all use active PFC technology to ensure that the input power factor (PF) is greater than 0.9 to meet the application requirements of the global market.

This constant voltage dimmable led driver is an aluminum shell, waterproof level IP67, has stronger heat dissipation capacity, and the working temperature will be lower. Therefore, the failure rate is lower and the life span will be longer. Compression and anti -aging ability is also strong.

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