What is the difference between safe voltage and safe ultra low voltage? Feb 17, 2023

In the choice of constant voltage led drive power supply, safety and reliability as the first principle, in order to make the power supply in a safe and reliable environment, need to design protection circuit

SELV: Safe ultra low voltage circuit: defined as a secondary circuit with an appropriate protection design, that is, a secondary circuit whose voltage does not exceed 42.4Vacpeak or 60Vdc between any two components that may be touched or between the ground protection terminals of any component and the product that a human body may touch

0-10v dimmable led driver

ELV: Ultra low voltage circuit: defined as a secondary circuit whose peak AC voltage does not exceed 42.4Vac or DC voltage does not exceed 60Vdc between conductors or conductors to ground;

hideapowertech VD series 0-10v dimmable led driver has SELV safety ultra-low voltage circuit, also passed the UL certification, This 100w led power supply dimming range in 0-100% direct, in line with the global safety lighting laws, suitable for indoor and outdoor lighting engineering projects, we provide it with 7 year warranty

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