What is drive power ? Aug 16, 2021

For lighting, the development of LED has actually entered a new stage, with high requirements for the driving power of the LED light source:

High efficiency and low heat generation, because the LED power supply is usually built-in with the LED lamp beads, the heat emitted by the power supply and the LED chip will be superimposed, when the heat generation and dissipation are balanced, the working temperature of the LED light source is finally determined together, and the LED lamp beads work The temperature determines the service life of the LED light source:

The led driver power supply has a long service life. According to the barrel theory, the shortest wooden board determines how much water the wooden bucket can hold. The power supply is the shortest wooden board that determines the service life of the LED light source. Therefore, the power supply is a key factor in determining the quality of the LED light source.

led driver power supply

The protection function should generally have over-temperature, over-current and open-circuit protection to comply with safety regulations, and multiple protections to avoid electric shock accidents.

Small size LED power supply Because the general LED light source is an integrated built-in power supply, only small size can be installed.

Low cost, low-cost price will have a good market performance. This is a common law of the Chinese market, and it is difficult to change in the short term. Street lamp manufacturers must choose high-quality power supplies according to the above conditions to make our products out of doubt. 

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