What is 3 in 1 dimming led driver? Feb 15, 2022

3 in 1 dimming LED driver refers to: 0/1-10V / PWM dimming, and resistor dimming

1. 0/1-10V / PWM dimming:

The 0-10V dimmable power supply led is designed with a control chip. When connected to a 0-10V dimmer, the output current of the power supply can be changed through the 0-10V voltage change. For example: when the 0-10V dimmer is modulated to 0V, the current drops to 0, and the brightness of the light is turned off (there is a switch). When the 0-10V dimmer is adjusted to a maximum of 10V, the output current will also reach 100% of the power output, and the brightness will also be 100%. (The output voltage is unchanged). 1-10V dimming principle is similar like 0-10v dimming.

Remarks: 1-10V has no switch function, and the lamps cannot be adjusted to the lowest closing function.

3 in 1 dimming LED driver

2. PWM dimming

Digital dimming, also known as PWM dimming, turns on and off LEDs through PWM waves to change the on-time of forward current to achieve the effect of brightness adjustment. This method is based on the fact that the human eye is not sensitive enough to brightness flicker, so that the load LED is bright and dim.

3. Resistance dimming

Resistance dimming is to put a resistor in series in the bulb loop, and change the resistance value to change the loop current to achieve the purpose of dimming.

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