What are the application scenarios of 1-10v dimming led driver? Mar 08, 2022

A lot of flashing lights hanging on the street and lanterns hanging on trees used in festivals are controlled by 1-10v dimming power supply, which are generally energy-saving. The life of 1-10v dimming power supply is relatively long, at least longer than LED power supplies last fifty percent longer.

The 1-10v dimming power supply can achieve maximum energy saving in the process of adjusting the light, and the saved power can be used for five hours for the general power supply. 70% of the power consumption, which greatly reduces the pressure on the country's power generation.

As a constant voltage dimming power supply with low power consumption, the 1-10v dimming power supply can protect the LED lamps when adjusting the light, and even the flickering decorative lights can protect the lamps for a longer time.

1-10v dimming power supply

In the company hall, square, KTV and some entertainment places, you can choose to use 1-10v dimming power supply. After all, it has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, high energy saving, strong adjustability, and environmental protection. Speaking of its advantages, you must know that it will not only have no impact on the life of the light source during the dimming process, but also achieve smooth flicker-free dimming to protect users' eyesight and maximize energy savings. It can meet the application of different light systems, and I believe it can meet your needs in all aspects. I believe that choosing this power supply will save a lot of costs for the place, and the power consumption is also the lowest.

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