What are the advantages of the DALI dimming protocol? Dec 24, 2022

DALI, an acronym for "Digital Addressable Lighting Interface," is an internationally recognized lighting control communication protocol that defines digital communication between electronic ballasts, control units, and various sensors.

DALI is a protocol specifically used for lighting control, LED solutions and lighting control systems are increasingly needed, DALI dimming method is more and more widely used, DALI dimming system, DALI dimming power supply is also gradually expanding the market share, and thyristor dimming, 0-10V dimming has become the mainstream dimming method in the market.

Open protocol - strong compatibility. In addition to these features, DALI's dimming technology also offers the following advantages: accurate dimming, addressable, monitored dimming, and wide dimming range.

Hideapowertech new product dali2 & push dimmable led driver also conforms to dali dimming protocol, with DT6 and DT8 two modes,30-300W power to choose from, but also built-in NFC function users can modify the address code with mobile software Settings. Also can fine tune the output voltage, 7 years warranty security

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