Find the best power supply for you Feb 26, 2022

If you are still struggling to find LED power supply, you can check smarts power power supply, there are many types, including LED ordinary power supply, LED waterproof power supply, LED dimming power supply, LED strip power supply, LED J-BOX power supply and so on. The multi-current DIP power supply is a new product updated this year.

The multi-current DIP power supply is an IP20 indoor DIP adjustable output current LED power supply with high efficiency, high quality and high competitiveness. The power range of this series of power supplies is 10-60w, and the output current can be adjusted according to user needs.

multi-current DIP power supply

On the basis of the old product, there are some new improvements.

First of all, the body is small, which is good for saving space. There are removable movable plates at both ends. After installation, cover the movable plates so that there will be no exposed wires.

Secondly, the new triac dimming multi-current DIP power supply also has overload and short circuit protection, which is safe and reliable. Hidea power provides it with a 7-year warranty and the quality is guaranteed.

The power supply is also UL CE certified, complies with international safety regulations, and is mainly sold in North America and Europe.

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